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Upgraded Panel, New Circuits And Outlets In Workshop Including A 240V 15 Amp Curcuit For A New Lathe And Installation Of 5, 4 Ft. LED Strip Lights.

Electricians review in Oakville

Tyler was great to work with. Quick to repsond with quotes and revisions via email and provided althernate scenarios to minimize costs. I was trying to avoid upgrading to a new panel but in the end it was the Best and most cost effective decision. Tyler was very helpful and not pushy at all in helping me arrive at that decision. Tyler suggested LED strip lights in okace of fluorescents and although they are a bit more money, I am very happy with the brightness and quality of lighting I now have in the workshop.

On the day of the installation, Brian and Chris showed up on time and worked a long day. They were very pleasant, polite and respectul to have in the house. They were very patient in answering any questions I had. They stayed very late to make sure all the circuits on the new panel were properly labelled and took away the old fluorescent light fixtures I had.

Overall I am extremely happy with the interactions on quotes, the quality of the work and the final outcome.

I would highly recommend Ivy League Electric to any homeowner looking for an electrician for electrical upgrades in their home.

Oakville Resident.